Turbosprężarki Aurelia Białas – contact

Sales and servicing of turbochargers

Repairing turbochargers requires great precision and a lot of experience. Therefore, if you decide to choose our services, we guarantee their highest level with a 12-month warranty. Dynamic development of our company and many years of presence in the market enable us to offer you turbochargers and reconditioning at competitive prices.

Turbochargers sales

We have turbochargers for most engines available in stock – for cars, lorries, delivery trucks, and various agricultural and construction machines. If you want to ensure that a particular model of a turbocharger will be available, you can contact us in advance by phone at +48 603 233 578 and +48 601 890 494 or via a special contact form.

The head office of Turbosprężarki Aurelia Białas is located in Borowa, near Wrocław.