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Parts for turbochargers

A turbocharger is a device that operates in extreme conditions. High temperature of exhaust gases and high speed of the rotation of the shaft cause every irregularity to cause serious consequences and increase risk of a failure. It is very important that the parts for turbochargers should be supplied by renowned producers. High-quality elements used for the reconditioning of the turbine and other turbocharger parts lower the price considerably when compared to the purchase of a new turbocharger. They are profitable in the long run.


Focusing our activities on turbochargers enables us to expand the range of our services successively, provide end-to-end customer service in this field, and ensure professionalism resulting from many years of experience in reconditioning and repairing turbochargers.


Parts for turbochargers:

  • complete repair kits,
  • shafts and compressor wheels,
  • rings,
  • variable geometries,
  • actuators.

How to identify a damaged turbocharger?

Incorrect use, excessive speed, using bad quality oils may all lead to damaging the turbine. How to identify that the turbocharger requires repair?

White smoke coming from the exhaust pipe

If there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, it is a good idea to visit a mechanic and diagnose the cause. Such a symptom often means incorrect operation of the turbocharger. The smell of burnt oil is also very distinctive. If the smoke is black and the car has lost its acceleration power, it is also possible that the turbine has been damaged.

Distinctive sound

Every unexpected sound coming from under the bonnet is a sign of irregularities. If the turbine has been damaged, it produces a whistling sound similar to the sound of two metal objects rubbed against each other. What is more, the sound becomes louder when the car accelerates and when the drive unit has more load.

Oil leakage

Another symptom that may mean that the turbine has been damaged is the oil leakage. If we notice that more and more oil gets to the exhaust and intake systems, we should visit a mechanic in order to verify the correct operation of the turbine.